advantages of an mobile app

If you analyze the data you will find in Analytics that most users use their mobile phone to purchase from your website.

This is one of the reasons why investing in creating an app is a very good one.


Why invest in a mobile app?

The benefits of a mobile app have certainly been listed by our team, but for an online store, an app is a constant source of traffic and sales and in which there is no need to invest huge marketing budgets.


  1. Traffic

Having an online store you can convert some of the traffic to install your app because this does not cost them anything, and if you offer them offers and discounts clearly many of them will install and use the app in the long run.

By promoting your app through pop-ups, banners, emails, you will get installations without allocating a large budget to promote it.

As the number of installations increases, you will have an ever-increasing source of traffic.


  1. Advertising

The app allows you to promote your new products or discounts through notifications. This will generate instant traffic within a maximum of 2 hours to the product categories or promoted products.

Let’s say you have 1000 installations and send a notification. Only 10% assume that they will click. This means that 100 people have entered the mobile app of the store and it is possible that 1-2 of them place an order.


  1. Sales

Analyzing the above things you have definitely realized that a mobile app is a source of sales. We recommend that you use our mobile app creation services.

The cost is very low, and your online store will enjoy more sales in a very short time.


If you want a mobile app for your online store, we invite you to contact us or purchase a package from our website and in just a few hours you will have your own app installed. Also don’t forget that you can ask for your money back if the application is not what you want.

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