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How much does it cost to develop a mobile app on all continents?


The study is based on 1,000 apps developed on Android, iOS and Windows. Estimates show that the average time to make an app that is not too complicated would be 3-5 weeks.

In Europe, the average price for developing an app would be 130 euros per hour, but that for Western Europe, because in Romania the price is lower. You can see the graph published by Hyperlink URL below.


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According to a study published by Hyperlink, the cost of developing an app is 10 times higher in the United States than in India. Hyperlink says that the average cost of developing an Android or iOS mobile app in the United States would be $ 48,000, or $ 150 per hour. According to the study, which can also be challenged because Hyperlink develops apps with developers in India, the cost of an app in India would be $ 4,800, which is $ 15 per hour.


Pricing to build an app from website


App Conversion offers the right solution for you to have for your site a 100% functional mobile app for Android and iOS at only $ 249. Compared to the amounts mentioned above, the cost of creating an app with the help of App Conversion is much lower.

What are the benefits of the apps created by the App Conversion team? Send your URL website and we will build your own app.

All the benefits of an app created from 0 you will also find in an app created by our team:

  1. Loading speed
  2. The possibility to insert custom functions
  3. Push notification
  4. Track users
  5. Sign up and accept in Google Play and App Store
  6. Monetization
  7. Customer loyalty
  8. Create custom offers for users etc.

The list of benefits can continue, but what really matters is that you can have the mobile app for your site at very low costs.

Convert your site into an app right now!

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