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Online store owners are beginning to realize that users always have a mobile phone that they use at least 5-6 hours a day.


What is the number of mobile phone buyers in the US?

The data provided by Statista shows that in the USA the number of people shopping on mobile is about 200 million. These numbers are impressive considering that the US has a population of 327 million.


Among the main reasons why any business should have a mobile app are:

Statistics about how people use app to buy


– 78% of users prefer to access a store via a mobile app than through the mobile site;

– 19% of all US online retail sales are made from mobile devices

– 56% of mobile phone users use ecommerce apps to buy gifts

– Consumers spend 3-4 times more time on mobile apps than on desktop and mobile sites

– There are 50% chance that users who have purchased through the application will return and make a new purchase over the next 30 days

– Mobile apps have the lowest rate of abandoned pimples. This is 20% while on the desktop is 68%, and on mobile sites 97%)

– Push notification bring users into the app and have a 90% opening rate and a click rate of 40%

– Users spend twice as much money on mobile applications when shopping

– 50% of ecommerce revenue is created by 10% of consumers

– The average order of mobile ecommerce apps is 140% higher than on mobile sites and 130% higher than on desktop.


app conversion


Why to create your own app from website?

As you can see, how users spend their time between different devices differs, but the average shows that regardless of age, 50% of the time we spend in mobile apps.

This should give thought to any businessman who wants to grow his own business. Create your own app now!


Distribution of type spent in app depending on their category

app marketing statistics


Users use their time to browse social networks, listen to music and multimedia. This would be the top of the app categories they use.

Depending on the type of business you have, you should notice that 10% of the time is allocated to the games, and with a slightly smaller percentage of their time (3-4%) allocating to the photographs, retail, searches, news and others .

It is true that percent, these types of app are less used, but when used there is a need or desire that you have to capture.

A single user access can mean a conversion for you, but this is done through branding, research, and ongoing app optimization to address the needs of users in the shortest possible time.

Create easy-to-use, user-friendly app to help solve all the problems that users encounter.

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