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The operation of creating mobile app is not as difficult as you might think, at first glance. You can even take care of the app development part, because it is not difficult at all, or if you feel that your subject is completely foreign, you can call professional services companies to create mobile apps. However, we have a small guide for you about what it means to create app and you will be convinced that it is not very difficult.

You will learn, in short, what it means to create Android app, even without programming, as well as what programs you need or what sites can help you when it comes to building apps.


Special software

When it comes to creating app, if you are going to be a bit more complex then you need special software, long time available, but also know the sites for creating app for Android. When it comes to creating Android apps, the best program you can use is
Android SDK. If you are a beginner, I can help you with the tutorials or the guide for creating app on


Advantages and disadvantages

Obviously, you have both advantages and disadvantages when it comes to creating Android app. In terms of benefits, it should be mentioned that you can add more features, you can use your own design for apps, and if you also have an Adsense account, your app can bring you some money, because you can add advertising.

Unfortunately, the SDK occupies a good part of the computer memory, and some technical knowledge is required. If you want something of quality, then you have to arm yourself with a lot of time and patience, but in the end you will be more than satisfied with your work. If you really want something really professional, you can call a company that deals with apps, so you may need to invest a little more.


Sites for Android apps

If time is not on your side, and even installing software on your personal computer is not an option worth considering, then you can use some sites that can greatly simplify your work and help you build .apk app for Android.

Unfortunately, in this case you will not have something complex, as you probably were thinking, or in some cases your app will be temporary, or it will be part of something advertising included by the respective website. You have to decide on how you want your app to look, be it really profi, or just one of the many that appear permanently on the genre market, and that are like the stars.



Its main advantage is that the Android app is free, you have many functionalities, and all the specialists in the field agree that it is the most complete online development system. You can also test the app live, directly in the browser.

Fortunately, you will not have to load your computer memory with huge programs, because everything is “in the cloud”, you have an intuitive interface, and in addition, you will find many tutorials through which you will learn how to create different types of app. Not to mention that you can customize your app exactly according to your wishes.



And here we have to do with the “in the cloud” system, quite like Appery. Its free is limited only to creating apps for Android and HTML5 platforms, but for those at the beginning of the road is perfect.

On the downside, it should be mentioned that the customization options are not as bidding as the ones from Appery, but AppyPie wins a lot in the “easy to use” chapter.

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