The mobile app industry is constantly evolving, and has reached such a level that apps appear for almost anything. It is not difficult at all to be an app creator, but how many of them will be successful so you can stay quiet for a long time? The fight is very fierce in this field, the competition is fierce, and it is obvious that only the strongest and best win.

In the mobile application industry, it seems that, on average, an app programmer earns around $ 500 per month. Moreover, a report published by Developer Economics following a survey of a sample of 10,000 people showed that 54% of the total revenues generated by the industry go to only 2% of the developers. Even in Romania, being an application creator is not a bad job. An app developer earns more than consumers.


Games. Popular, but less profitable

As a rule, a beginner application programmer would think that, since the games are the favorite of the majority, then the winnings here would be some generous ones. The truth is that in fact, the income obtained here is not among the largest, and therefore a good app developer.

launches several titles, hoping that it will be among those who have the winning lot. A successful app developer has at least 11 games released, but most are those that have released less than 4 games.


The most profitable business apps

If you are an application programmer, then an idea would be to give up games and focus more on those that have as a target group the business environment. Here the chances of earning more money are noticeably higher, but for now, many developers are turning their attention more towards the consumer segment.


Situation in USA

And in the USA, the situation is not much different. Obviously, there are developers who can collect beautiful amounts for client apps, but it is corporate. In the case of the development of consumer applications, then the figures that are transmitted are quite small, even if it is a successful game, for example. Maximum $ 30 per month are the amounts obtained, provided that the app has very good ratings.


Hard market

Being successful in the mobile app industry is not as easy as you might be tempted to believe at first sight. Mobile app developers complain that it is increasingly difficult to make a profit. Competition is strong, and users’ expectations are growing.


To be successful in the market, an app must be of high quality and offer users many functionalities. These two conditions involve high costs of research, development, delivery and support, and in addition, you are not sure that you will succeed in enforcing yourself in the preferences of the general public. Statistics show that only 1 in about 10,000 apps is financially successful, even if demand is high.

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