how to make an app

How to make a mobile app for your business?

The number of people interested in building an app for their website or store is incredibly large, and this is understandable because smart phones are the future, and a business must keep up with the future in order to support itself.

How to create an app?

In the market there are many solutions to create your own app, but most are either not complete or very expensive. We are sure that you have done a market analysis and observed these details, but we have the right solution that solves all the problems, giving you a 100% functional that can generate revenue for your business.


make an app


Why is it so much easier to build an app with App Conversion?

The answer is: TIME.

You need time to invest in assimilating the knowledge in order to build your own mobile app. Their are changing day by day because they constantly want maintenance and updates to run on the latest devices.


How to make an app with Android Studio for Google Play?

Android operating system is the most popular system on mobile devices on the market, more than that, also is a very dynamic open source platform that can create multiple problems until you reach the end result, especially without having the necessary knowledge.

how to make an app with android studio

What do you need to learn before you can create apps?

First things first: the technical skills. Mobile app development can be done on a Mac, Windows PC, or Linux computer. You also need an Android device (you can use an emulator like Genymotion for development, but eventually you want to test on a real device). Here’s the short list of the must-know tools to become an developer.

mobile app development

– Java

To be able to develop Android apps you must have knowledge of Java and master concepts such as loops, lists, variables and control structures. Java is one of the most popular programming languages ​​used by today’s software. Start by learning Java so you can create your own app. Mobile app development can help you to create an app that meet your rules.


You also need to learn at least basic SQL to be able to organize databases within Android apps. SQL is a language for expressing queries to retrieve information from to databases. Once you can write it, there will be any questions you ask of your data.

– Android Software Development Kit (SDK) and Android Studio

One of the best parts about developing Android apps is that the tools required are Free and easy to obtain. The SDK is available via free-of-charge download, as is Android Studio, the official integrated development environment (IDE) for app development. Android Studio is the main program that underlies all the apps. With the help of this software, programmers write and merge pieces of code. The Android SDK includes code examples, software libraries, handy coding tools and more to help you build, test and debug.


Programmers use XML to describe data. The basics of syntax will be helpful in your journey to full-fledged Android developer in doing tasks like designing user interface (UI) layouts and parsing data feeds from the internet. Much of what XML demands can be done through the Studio, but constructively have to be grounded in the basics of the markup language. An mobile app development must use XML

These are the technical things you need to know before you start developing apps, but you must be a patient person, who collaborates extremely easily, have a logical and objective thinking to understand the data and the causes of any problems. .

Combining the technical and personal knowledge you will have the complete package that any app developer needs.


How to build an app with Xcode for iOS Store?

Becoming an iOS app developer is a little more difficult because Apple has a much tighter system, but this is not impossible.

  1.  Purchase a MAC and an iPhone

To develop an iOS app you have to use a MAC, and this will be your main tool for creating apps. You don’t have to have the latest and most expensive device, but you definitely need a MAC to build apps on iOS. If you want a very good entry device, consider Mac Mini – it probably presents the best value for the money you will pay for it. And if you’re like me and mobility is your number one priority, get Air – preferably this one with a bigger screen. And you forced to buy new stuff, second hand from eBay is just fine.

  1. Install Xcode

The most important software for iOS app developers is Xcode. It is free and can be downloaded from the Mac Store.

In Xcode you will write the code and edit it, debug it, draw in storyboards, unit test your app and many more. You will also use Xcode to upload the app. Familiarize yourself with it because it is the most important software for any iOS app developer.


build an app with xcode

  1. Learn programming languages

As with Android and iOS developers, you have to know about programming languages.

If you have some programming background, picking up Objective-C (harder to learn) or Swift (easier to learn) can be hard – they are mostly standard, object oriented programming languages. But if you have written a single line of code in your life, worry over the internet you will find enough resources to acquire the necessary knowledge. This is the basic app development that you first do in order to create an app.

  1. Create different apps step by step following tutorials

It starts with following tutorials and replicating apps that other people have created. By going through these tutorials you will assimilate certain knowledge that you will use later in creating your own app.

  1. Make your own app

Probably this point will be the one that requires you a lot of time, because you have to do everything from scratch, but with a lot of work and hours spent in front of the computer, you will be able to create your own app.


make ios app


  1. Submit it

Once you have completed the app, sign it up in the App Store and start spreading it to your loved ones.

As I said, there are multiple solutions on the market that you can use to create a  app for your website or store, and the costs will be even higher.

Want to know how to create an app?

Perfectly, our platform will offer you an instant solution to create an app.
Most of today we have a smartphone where we have at least one installed, different from the standard ones of the phone.

In this article we want to present the most important steps to create your own phone app, whether you have or not about programming.
To build an app you can use either special software or to code by yourself.


Follow this 9 steps to create an app

Step 1

Defining the objectives with app – it is very important to clearly define the reason why you want to create. Without clarity of objectives, the purpose of making a tangible app is questioned. You do not need special tools, it is enough to have a pen and a sheet to start drawing. You cannot survive in business unless you clearly set your goals. The lack of them will cause your frustration and those you work with. It is advisable to set your target group as well. You must also use an EC keyword to be included in the name.

Step 2

Establishing app features and features – now that you know what you want to achieve with the app, it’s time to define the scope of the app. It’s time to get creative and note down all the features and app features needed to achieve the goals presented above. Decide if you plan to offer the app for free. You have to choose for the app a name that is easy to remember, memorable, but unique.

Step 3

Studying your competitors and the market – after completing the previous steps, it is time to look at the competitors that exist in your field of activity, both locally and internationally. Study the functions, the appearance and functionalities of the application, take notes about anything that stands out or you feel that you are missing, you should not copy from competitors. The online market is a booming market, and you must always be aware of all the news.


Step 4

The skeleton of the application and the use – until now you have defined the objectives of your app and outlined its functionalities, including studying the market. Now is the time to create a base for your product. The skeleton of the app represents the appearance, the visual contact between the graphic elements and design, between your thoughts and the final product before the beginning. There are two ways to create a skeleton: offline using pen and paper or online using various templates. It is important to create an attractive logo that differentiates you from these apps, which can be a plus to be downloaded quickly.

building an app

Step 5

Testing the skeleton of the app – this step is important as it helps you analyze, identify and correct what the EC will dislike. You can add the image, but also various options and ask the testers if everything is OK and what improvements you need.

Step 6

Review the PE app based on the feedback – after the EC receives the opinions of the others, it is important to draw up a list of the most important tasks to be modified and to update your framework. After CE you have implemented these changes and you are sure that the base is ready, you can try again a test. Test until you receive an affirmative answer and you are ready for the next level.

Step 7

Choose a development path – this step depends on the budget that you have. In case of a big budget allocation, the SE the product will be developed in a relatively short term, otherwise the SE development time will increase.

Step 8

Live testing, once their is ready, internal testing, but also external testing is recommended. The internal testing is performed by the team members and the producer. External testing involves people who are not familiar with the product..

Step 9

Launch to app platforms – It is realized after the CE corrections were made based on the feedback received in step 6. After publication, the work continues because you must always be aware of everything new because it is a market in continuous development and innovation. You must always research the market, develop the layout and design, but also bring new functionalities, create new versions.

steps to create an app

Given the above steps, are you ready to have your own app? The growth or development of the app implies that you are always prepared in the technological field. The key to developing the app is the feedback received, as well as the marketing. It is important to create partnerships advertise and to encourage your users to give you positive reviews.


The most expensive option

The most expensive option if you want to have your own  app for the most popular iOS and Android operating systems is definitely the most expensive option you can opt for. You can check the price section from platform to find the right solution for your company through cost calculator app.

How to make your own app at a cheap price?

From the market analysis, an app for Android or iOS starts at least $ 1000, and it does not have very advanced functions. The price can reach up to $ 10,000, without taking into account that it needs maintenance and that there are two operating systems for which you need the app.

how to create a mobile app


What is the cost for building an app from scratch?

We estimate that to make an app for Android and iOS, an entrepreneur should pay at least $ 1000 if it is a basic application, without special functions, the price can reach up to $ 20,000 for a complicate build app, to which we add maintenance, optimizations and updates.

Now the question is whether it is worth the amount of time and make to make your own apps?

Well App Conversion team has an ideal quick fix for you, efficient and that will help you build your own app for your site.

You can build an app to be faithful to your site in just a few simple steps, and all the work is done by our team.

  1. Access our app platform;
  2. Complete the form;
  3. Choose the package that suits you;
  4. Complete the order;
  5. Wait 2-3 days to build your app;
  6. You will receive an email with your build app, perfectly functional and ready to be installed by as many people as possible.

Everything is extremely simple with us


How to develop an app with us?

We have over 100 apps designed for our clients who have managed to win a new online advertising channel.


convert website to app


How to use an app created?

  1. Minimum development costs, as our team creates an app that will be a 100% version of the website, and any changes will be made on the mobile;
  2. New marketing channel, which means you can get new traffic;
  3. Low marketing costs. Carrying out campaigns to get installation will not generate extraordinary high charges, but the results will be visible for your business;
  4. Push notification, a useful marketing tool that will help you attract visitors back into the app;
  5. Loyalty is an important effect;
  6. High profitability due to users who will frequently use the app to order products from the site.

The benefits list may continue, but these are the most important things to keep in mind. Invest in developing an app for its benefits are considerable.


Benefits of making your own app with our platform:

– You create your app from website;

– Advanced functions;

– Custom design;

– Competitive advantage;

– New marketing idea;

– Possibilities of modifying the apps;

– Audience segmentation;

– Efficiency in increasing sales.


Disadvantages of building your own app:

– High realization costs;

– Maintenance costs;

– Updates;

– Develop app optimizations;

– Investment difficult to recover.


The list of advantages and disadvantages could continue, but these are the main issues identified.


The best platform to build apps

Conscious or not, we generally seek to solve important things or have quality things as cheap as possible, but most often the cheapest solution is not the best. If you need to convince your self you can use cost calculator app.

Why you have to make apps on our platform?

We analyze the competition by which you can build mobile apps, and in over 90% of the cases, although their price was low, the entrepreneurs fell into the net and paid for apps that do not work properly, are difficult to create, have no advanced functions and no can be registered in the Google Play or App Store.

Cheap does not mean good!

The cheapest quick fix is not the best in this case because you need powerful, efficient products that will help you to achieve financial growth. You will save money to achieve it, but you will invest time, people and money to make it work and be as you wish.

Development each additional function requires time and money, and in the end you will end up paying the same amount you would have paid for an app created from 0.


How to create an app at a small price?


– small investment;

– the possibility of being installed and used by clients;

– marketing channel;


– High costs of further development app;

– Limited functions;

– The app is not optimized to sell;

– High maintenance;

– Large investments in the development of functions, updates, etc.

As you can see from the advantages and disadvantages listed above, the cheapest app is not the best. Do not purchase or the possibility to create your own app unless you have as a clear example created through that solution or if the provider does not inspire enough confidence.


how build an app easy


What is the best app creator?

If you have financial resources, the best creator is our development platform not to build by yourself an from 0, but this requires considerable financial resources, and because there is a middle ground an explication, now you can convert your own website or online store into a Android or iOS app.


How is it possible to convert a website into an app?

Converting the website into an app comes with a package with multiple benefits, which makes it the ideal solution and appreciated by thousands of entrepreneurs, and the reasons are simple:

– Low creation costs;

– Maintenance costs, updates and lower;

– 100% functionality

– Guaranteed sales efficiency.


How can you convert your website into an  app?

App Conversion offers all website and store owners the opportunity to create an app that will help maintain relationships with clients. We offer an app building platform where you can build your own app.


How to build an app with our help?

Even for those who do not have a site, the App Conversion team has a solution, and all you have to do is write to us.

And now we come back to the question “how do you create an app for your website or store?”

As I said above at in our platform we create 100% functional Android and iOS apps, with minimal investments and low maintenance charges.

#1. Visit our platform

#2. Find out about the prices charged

#3. Enter the name of your website

#4. Complete the form

#5. Checkout

# 6. In 24-48h you can download the app from Google Play or the iOS Store, and in case of contract you receive the money back.


With our platform making app it is extremely simple and fast to have your own app. Customers like Noblese, Top Fashion and Elastix have turned to our services to convert websites into apps. They are registered in Google Play and are used for sales. App Conversion is the right choise for the owners of e-commerce.


How I know what my build app contain?

– You developed app is native;

– Push Notifications unlimited;

– Permanent synchronization with the website without the need for changes in the app code;

– Last version of Android and iOS;

– We can sign up for Google Play and the iOS Store, and if we fail to do this we will give you your money back;

– Splash screen;

– App Analytics;

– 24/7 support;

– New functions developed periodically;

– Ready to use;


how to build an app


These are the options for which you can opt for building an app for your business. Depending on your budget, you will be able to choose the best option, but consider the long-term options. How to create an app just using an website? It’s simple, choose a package and we will deliver your app on mail.

Building an app is not an easy task, this is precisely why the App Conversion team worked on developing products that would offer everything an online shop would like. From the permanent synchronization, costs, the possibility of being registered in the Google Play or the iOS Store and until the generation of income, all these are available through the solution of converting your website into an app. How to make an app and add fast to app platforms? First you need an developer account.

All our work has focused on developing a perfect app that will contribute to the development of the economic environment by offering an accessible price.

Entrepreneurs know that the next step is smart phones and that their importance is constantly rising. For this reason, the solution offered by us makes possible the expansion of online stores and sites in the menu of the users’ phones.

If by daily use of the phone it is necessary to access a browser and type in the domain or the link, by converting the website into an app, only one click will be required for the users to access the content. Wonder how much cost to build an app? On the price page you have an app cost calculator.


By building an app, you will be much closer to the users and you will be able to interact much better with them.

An app is the element that your company needs. This can support your long-term development because, according to the data, visitors spend much more time on their  phone than on their laptop, tablet or PC. They are also more inclined to purchase apps than websites.

The shopping cart is much larger on mobile, and the rate of abandoned carts is much lower.

Benefits and statistics support the decision to create create your own app, and our recommendation is to convert your website into an app to benefit from reduced costs, but also from benefits that will grow your business.


How do you advertise your app after you create it?

To make an app is a problem that requires a lot of time and work, but after completing it you will conclude a chapter, but you must invest time to open another, namely obtaining sales through it. In order to develop an app that is fit for monetization it’s important to have de Ad Mob or a payment system.

Simply to make an app will not generate sales for you, because no one will know about it, and the marketing team’s mission is to make it popular, visible and profitable for you.


app marketing


What are the steps you have to go through in order to obtain installation and sales through the app?

Here you will find a guide about how to advertise your app. The marketing is different from that of a product. Advertising app platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, but also other platforms have created special types of campaigns to get installs. If you ask how to build an app categorical you need a marketing strategy to monetization.

In the following we will list the route you have to take to obtain installations from the users at the lowest price and even for free.

  1. Tell your friends

After you have installed the app on your own phone and tested it, tell your friends to install it and give you feedback on it. This will help you to optimize and develop it over time.

  1. Website

Enter app information on the website, like this:

– You can create banners to tell them to download the app created to receive extra discounts or benefits that through the website would not receive. Your website is the best building app platform, because it can be syncronize and it fit to app to web-view.

– You can use pop-ups to inform them that you have created, but do not overdo it with this pop-up because it can be annoying for them.

– Place information about in the top bar and footer so that you can arouse the interests.

– You can encourage potential clients to download by offering them a better price for the products and services offered. This will definitely motivate them to download. This is a guide to use your website to create an app.

  1. Email marketing

Surely you already have a database with users subscribed to the newsletter or people who ordered, and you can use this to extend the visibility of the app. Create a simple email marketing campaign where you inform them and give them reasons to install it (discount code, coupons, gifts, reduced prices, etc.)

  1. Blog

Surely there is a blog that you constantly post, which is why we recommend you write about the app and its benefits. Surely there will be people who will come to the blog and read the article, which determines them to install the app.

  1. Forums and profiles

Do a little research and publish the app on forums and profile on which new installed apps are marketed. These will generate traffic and engagement.

  1. Advertorial and guest posts

For the information about the created app to reach as many people collaborating with online publications, bloggers and ask them to test the app and publish an article about it. You can also pay for them so that you reduce the waiting time even more so that a person will publish an article much shorter. The adverts and guest posts will help the ranking.

  1. YouTuber / Vlogger

Profile Youtubers can be of great use if they end up recommending your app to their community. It recommends that you get in touch with them, tell them what it is and try to make a collaboration. Video content in the form of reviews or paid advertising will help you build a strong image.

  1. Influencer

Influencers must be another element of the app marketing plan. Request promotional offers from the influencers in the country where you are and try to make a collaboration. Partnering with a reputable influencer on your niche helps strengthen your company’s image.

  1. Facebook Page

Post on the Facebook page images from the app, reviews, but also details about any contests and promotions. Provide the most detailed information and invest time to find the things they focus on to know how to change your marketing strategy.

  1. Facebook Groups

Post in groups pictures and details about your app. It is a free marketing method that can bring you a considerable number of installations.

  1. Advertise on Facebook

Paid campaigns must be included in your marketing plan. To advertise your app, create Facebook Ads campaigns to get installs. Also, another thing that it’s important to know, apart how to make an app is that is a custom pixel for pixel that will help you to bring new customers.

  1. Youtube  Ads

Create video content for and from the app. Because you having such content in order to come out ahead. Create a channel to promote the app by posting content, and to accelerate the increase in the number of installs, invest in promotional campaigns on Youtube Ads.

  1. Advertise on Google Ads

Google Ads is another marketing channel through which you can get installs at very low costs. Within the platform you will discover multiple ways to marketing your app.

Whether we’re talking about Google Search, Display, Youtube, Universal App, Gmail, Google Play or iOS Store campaigns, anything can be possible from this platform.

Invest time and money to advertise yourself through this platform.

  1. Instagram

Create an account on Instagram and advertise. More interesting content will make users curious about the things that your app additionally offers.

  1. Contests

Create contests, giveaways and raffles to include as the stage for participation, installing the app.

  1. SEO

Ask the marketing team to optimize both the website and the content of the app from Google Play or iOS Store to rank in the searches of users interested in your type of apps. A proper optimization will generate installations and incomes constantly. Going through the 16 ways to advertise the app will definitely generate installs and revenues for you. Choose smart and apply each point in the strategy to advertise your own app as it should.


Whether you want to become app developers on Android or iOS, in the end it all comes down to work, hours spent in front of your laptop to learn and write code long enough and well so that the final product is perfect for use by as many clients as possible.

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