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It is absolutely fascinating how much the phones have evolved in such a short time. With each passing day, they play an increasingly important role in our lives and will help us accelerate the learning process and the way we develop.

Acceleration will also be felt at the business level and when I say this I mean that there are a lot of online businesses that rely exclusively on online. There are a lot of websites that are accessed every day, through a web browser, but my question is this: “it would not be easier if you had a mobile application through which users could access your website through a the only touch?

Certainly this would be much easier and each person would like to simplify certain actions.


App Conversion has your answer, because we can convert any website into a mobile application. In addition, having an application created by us you will benefit from important functions that we will discuss below.


How can you create an app for your website?

how to make a website to app


Ultimate Guide to make website an app

I will explain in the following steps so that whenever you make the decision to create an application, you know how to make your site a mobile application.

  1. Access our website to use any order form

On the site there are several pages that contain forms to order a mobile application. Example: home page, convert page etc.

  1. Fill in the required data

Once you have found the form, it is important to enter all the required data in order to complete the application.

  1. Package selection

App Conversion provides several packages for creating applications.


At this point you can choose from the following packages:

– Android App for only $ 99

If you choose this package you will only receive the application file. By downloading it, you can install the application, but this is the only way you can get installations. Choosing this package is quite difficult to increase the popularity of the application and get installations.

– Android App & Added To Google Play $ 119

This package gives you everything you need to get things off to a perfect start. When I say this I mean that you will receive the application by email, but you will also have the application installed on Google Play.

Our team will take care of registering the application in Google Play for you, will create graphics and text to make your work easier.

In this you will benefit from visibility and you will be able to obtain a much larger number of installations.



As you can see it is quite easy to make a website into an app, and this is due to the help you will receive from our team.


What are the advantages of the applications we create?

web to app

  1. Possibility to be registered in Google Play

As we mentioned before, the applications that our team creates create a version of your website and make it a mobile application. Every application we create can be included in Google Play.


  1. The price

The price is an advantage because creating an application from scratch involves an investment of thousands of euros and takes only a few days to receive the application.


  1. Automatic synchronization

A major advantage that our applications offer is the automatic synchronization.


What does this thing mean?

Automatic synchronization translates into the fact that any changes you make to the website will be implemented automatically in the application.


  1. Branding

The brand is the one that sells, and its development is done in time, but the mobile application is an important pillar that supports the development of a strong brand.

What does a branding translate into?

This can be seen in the growing popularity of the website, in the number of people viewing the site, but also in sales because users have more confidence in reputable companies in the market.


  1. Traffic

The investment in the mobile application is represented by the $ 119 and the budget that you add for obtaining installations.

After obtaining the installations, every time the users will access the application you will get traffic, which in the long run will be at an extremely low cost.

Mobile applications generate free traffic for your website.


  1. Sales

If you choose to turn an online store into an application, this will definitely generate sales. It says this because traffic from the application can order products available in the application.


  1. Loyalty

With the application installed, you can retain your customers by offering discounts and special prices for them.


If you want to know more about the applications we created, you can write to us.

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