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If you are looking for how to convert a website into an app, it means that you want to grow your project much faster than your competitors do.

Because we want to support website owners to make the transition to the world of mobile applications, App Conversion offers services for converting the website into an application.


What does the website to app conversion service entail?

This service is extremely simple and does not require programming knowledge.

Very important to know!

– We do not need access to your website

– It does not affect your site in any way

– The application does not modify the website

In order to convert the website into an application and to obtain the mobile application version that can be installed on your phone, you need to go through the following steps:

  1. Fill in any form available on the website to create the application
  2. Fill in the required data
  3. Choose the package you want
  4. Make the payment for the application
  5. Follow the email because in 24-48 hours you will receive the application by email and a link to Google Play after it will be accepted by the Google team.

We must mention that certain websites and online stores will not be accepted by Google in the play store if they have content / products / services not accepted.


convert web app

What are the benefits of an application?

  1. Create a mobile application for your website for a very small amount. An application would normally cost several thousand euros
  2. You receive the application in a very short time
  3. The application can be registered in Google Play
  4. You have a 30-day warranty. If you are not satisfied with the application you can request a refund.
  5. You can send unlimited notifications through the application
  6. You benefit from 24/7 support
  7. Contribute to the growth of your business
  8. Develop the number of marketing channels
  9. Get traffic and sales at a much lower cost
  10. The application has the ability to be constantly updated and any changes on the site will be available on the application as soon as possible, which will get rid of worries and help you save money.
  11. The application takes up little space, and users will not be tempted to delete it if they need space on the phone.
  12. You will get more branding and you will be much closer to users.
  13. Accessibility is another benefit that we must mention because you will be just a click away from users.
  14. The mobile application will be an extraordinary competitive advantage that will help you differentiate yourself.
  15. You will be able to expand your marketing strategy on several channels.


As you can see, converting a website to an app is simple, easy and you have nothing to lose because the money back guarantee is available so that you have nothing to lose. We accept customer satisfaction and only in this way can we create solutions for quality websites. Learn how to create for free an mobile app for Android or Iphone.


What packages are available on App Conversion?

The applications we are currently creating are only available for Android, but soon they will also be available for iOS and you will be able to be present in the most popular application stores in the world, and this will only generate benefits for any website. .

For Android we have the following packages:

– Android App – Price $ 99

– Android App + Google Play Add-on Service – $ 119


convert website into an app


By choosing the $ 119 package, our team will take care of everything, and in the shortest time you will receive the application both by email and on Google Play.

The mission of App Conversion is to make your work easier and to help you develop your project and we strongly believe that mobile applications will change the world for the better and will contribute to the scaling of the economy.

Be one of the first entrepreneurs to invest in creating a mobile application for their project.


The future looks exciting, and the solution to convert website to app offers so many long-term benefits that you can’t imagine.

We are here to help you and if you have any questions we invite you to write to us because our team will answer you as soon as possible.

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