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Building a website to app is harder than it seems, even if on YouTube or other platforms there are people who create as very easily and seem to be functional.

App Conversion offers a complex, accessible and fast solution through which anyone can build a website to app. This may seem incredible and even the realm of the impossible, but the truth is that our team can do this so that you can grow your website.


How to build an website to app?

With App Conversion, this is extremely simple:

  1. Use any form on the website to create an app
  2. Fill in the requested data (website name, app name, email address)
  3. Choose the desired package from the next step
  4. You make the payment
  5. You receive the app by email and on Google Play (if you opted for that package)

It is extremely simple as you can see, and an extremely important thing is that you have a 30 day warranty period in which if you are not satisfied with the app you can request a refund.


create app from website

What do the apps we created look like?

We invite you to the portfolio area and there you will discover some of the clients so far for which we have created and registered apps in Google Play.

You can always install and test their apps and make a comparison with their website.


What are the main benefits of a furniture app created by us?

  1. The app is built on the website and will be a faithful copy of it
  2. Any change made in the site will be seen immediately and in the app
  3. Apps can be registered in Google Play
  4. Benefit from the possibility to send notifications
  5. You will get free traffic
  6. You will generate sales
  7. You will strengthen your brand
  8. You will increase the popularity of your own website
  9. You will be one step ahead of the competitors
  10. You will be able to retain your users

turn website to app

What can you lose if you do not invest time in creating an app?

Nobody knows what awaits us in the future, but one thing is for sure. Mobile and mobile app will be present in our lives in an increasing proportion.

Being one step ahead of everyone and building a website to app is an advantage. Even the costs for obtaining installations are much lower now than they will be in the future when the competition will be much higher.

Currently there are very few companies and online stores that will have the potential of a mobile app, but those who are thinking about the future are the ones who want winners.

Big companies and websites take over the market extremely quickly because they have big budgets that allow them to do this, and in order for you to be in front you need to be visionary.


What losses can you suffer if you do not choose a visionary strategy for your website?

  1. Money

In a competitive market the promoter is more expensive. If you have a store or provide services, you have probably noticed that for promotion you pay more and more from one year to another. This also happens when promoting mobile apps. It is cheaper now than it will be in the future.

  1. Competitive advantage

The app is a competitive advantage that can help you grow faster than your competition. Such a competitive advantage can generate growths that you only dreamed of, but it depends on your long-term strategy.

  1. Market share

Market share is part of the business. Whether it’s an online store or a general website, you share your customers with your competitors. The mobile app will help you to stabilize your market share, but also to capture the market share of your competitors.

  1. Traffic

The app generates traffic. Not having an app you will lose a lot of free traffic that you would have constantly received through the app.

  1. Sales

The app is a marketing channel that can increase sales. Lack of it reduces your chances of getting more sales.

  1. Discounts

When I mentioned discounts, I was referring to cost reductions. Being one step ahead you will get installations to a smaller account, you will create a stable marketing channel that will generate constant sales and you will reduce the amounts invested in promotion by obtaining more income.


Be a visionary and invest in your website in advance!

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