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Many app creators and owners have reached their point of creating a functional, efficient app that helps users solve some tasks more quickly, but they hit a barrier that determines whether it has successful or not.

The number of installations is the barrier that an app needs to push as high as possible to increase its popularity and revenue clearly.


How can you advertise your app?

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  1. Your own website

It is very important that the app is supported by a site. Allow users to find out more about the app and encourage them to download it. If you have an app for the online store, tell users that they can use it to order more easily. Create your audience and message first and add to a website.

Use the site at full capacity and get users to download your app.


  1. Facebook Ads

Facebook is a powerful channel of promotion that you need to use to get as many installs as possible.

The first step is to create a Facebook page for your app. Post in groups, share information, clips, request reviews, make live, create partnerships, and the list can continue.

You can opt for the paid promotion by which the conversion you want to be actually installing the app. Advertised Facebook promotion will bring you the first day of installation. include in your Facebook strategy to advertise you.


  1. Instagram Ads

Instagram is the social network that is in the top of user preferences, and the number of users is growing. You can use this to create an account and advertise your app.

Do not forget about paid campaigns that can expand on this social network and that has results in a short time.


  1. Advertise in the Play Store

Promoting inside the Play Store app is an effective way to increase your number of installations. These campaigns are effective because it helps you show your own app over other apps according to your target audience.


  1. Google Ads

Promoting through Google Ads is another way you can create campaigns to get you started. These are effective because you can target the desired audience.


These are the main ways you can advertise the mobile app. Clearly there are also ways to get installations that include:

– Email marketing;

– Marketing Influencing;

– Press articles;

– Youtube;

– Contests


An exciting app that surprises users will make it grow naturally. A person who loves an app will also recommend it to friends, which is why it is important to make it surprising and be distributed.

Do not forget to create loyalty programs in the app to increase user satisfaction and encourage them to tell the others about the benefits they offer.

These were the main channels and ways of promotion. Be creative and advertise yourself effectively!

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