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Mobile apps are the future, but not all companies are willing to invest considerable amounts of money to develop their own app.

Developing an app involves considerable sums of money and a team of specialists who constantly work to develop and improve it for technology to advance, and the application needs permanent improvements to be compatible with all mobile devices.

We can help you have your own mobile app that takes into account your website, blog or online store. Our team has developed a business-friendly solution that allows site owners to expand their marketing channels to reach more customers.


How to make an app from website?


The process is very simple, and we do all the work for you. All you have to do is complete the order form available on the site.

After completing the form, you will receive an invoice for your app by email, the invoice that you have to pay within the next 48h.

Once the money is received, your app will be submitted to the Play Store and after you approve it, you will receive a confirmation link from us telling you that it can be downloaded by your customers or by your phone.


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What are our app maker services?

By purchasing the solution we offer you will have a number of benefits such as:

– You will get an app for phones with 100% functional android;

– You are confident that a team of specialists will handle the app;

– App time is short;

– We handle mobile documenting (Images, banners, logos, descriptions, SEO optimization for Play Store and all the necessary processes until it is approved)

– We keep you in touch with the new features we develop to be able to promote your app;

– We offer promotional services both to get as many installs as to increase your sales by generating conversions with the app.

Our team offers you all the help you need to get your own mobile app in less than 3 business days.

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Why should you have a mobile app?

In the US there are 250 million handset users, and they are probably customers for you. Increase your brand exposure by convert a website to an app.

In addition, statistics show that users spend 3-4 times more time in apps than on desktop or on mobile sites.

Another important statistic refers to the rate of abandoned chimneys. Users who purchase mobile apps have a 20% dropout rate.

Studies have also shown that they are willing to buy goods whose total value is higher than for desktop purchases or mobile sites.


Still have not enough reasons?

You can contact us by email and we will give you all the reasons for choosing to have your own mobile app.

Mobile apps are the future, be one step ahead of your competitors!

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