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How do you become an affiliate?

  1. Complete the form
  2. Start promoting the application
  3. Start making money


Affiliate Benefits:

  1. 15% commission
  2. Payment in 7 days
  3. Cookie life 30 days
  4. Permanent support
  5. Advanced tracking of affiliate links


Why App Conversion?

  1. Innovative solution for online shops and presentation sites
  2. Affordable price for creating a 100% functional android application
  3. We reward high performing affiliates with bonuses
  4. We provide support to all affiliates and help them with promotion strategies
  5. Over 100 affiliates active in the program


How do you know you are fit for the affiliate position?

If you have people around you that have service presentation sites or online stores, then you are the right person. We are looking for people willing to earn consistent monthly income by promoting the solution offered by us among the site owners.


How can you advertise App Conversion?

  1. Discounts code
  2. Affiliate link
  3. Your own site
  4. Blog articles
  5. Discussions on forums
  6. Email Marketing
  7. Google Ads
  8. Facebook Ads
  9. Instagram Ads
  10. Posts in groups
  11. Twitter
  12. Pinterest
  13. YouTube ads
  14. V-logs
  15. Influencing marketing and others.

The list of advertising channels you can call are unlimited. All you have to do is recommend to the people who are eager for our solution and access the site using the affiliate link and use the discount code that we will generate for you.

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