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See bellow what are the main advantages to create an app



  1. Upload faster than mobile sites

Because it saves the user’s settings and does not require uploading all the content in the browser; The loading time for mobile apps is almost independent of the speed and quality of the Internet connection.


In addition to the speed criterion, mobile apps outperform sites in the following aspects:


access to the phone’s native functions (camcorder, GPS navigator, voice recognition features)

interactivity (integration with social networks) and personalization of content

ease of use and better adaptation of mobile devices

It is well known that users choose what is faster and more convenient, which means that your customers probably prefer an app on Android or iOS instead of a mobile site.


  1. App – increase customer loyalty

According to Criteo – one of the largest R&D centers, customer retention rates (CRR) are 50% higher for apps than for mobile sites. The reasons for the high CRR are related to the fact that the phone is always at hand and the icon of the app, as an attractive banner, constantly reminds the user to make an online purchase.


  1. Apps – better convert visitors into buyers and increase store sales

The Criteo study clearly demonstrates that mobile app increase sales and revenue of projects in the eCommerce and m-Commerce segments.


App Conversion Rate (CR) is 200% higher than mobile sites; the average order value (AOV) of the app is 140% higher than the mobile version of web resources. (Shopping cart abandonment rates, SCAR) in app is only 20%, while in mobile versions of the site can exceed 75%, and in desktop versions – 68%. The apps stimulate potential customers to buy, especially since their functionality allows the payment of the order with a single click.


  1. App are those that offer a higher level of interaction with customers

Apps allow you to effectively inform smartphone users by sending push notifications with transactional and promotional messages (unless users have disabled this feature on their gadgets).


According to Social Media Today, push notifications are more effective than sending email and SMS for the following reasons:


Instant delivery to the recipient and wide audience coverage

Average Open Rage (AOR) is 90%, while for e-mail it is 23%

Low cost advertising campaign

There is no spam

Low rejection rate

It offers the possibility of using the Deep Linking tool

Competent sending of push notifications can turn users into buyers and restore inactive customers’ interest in the app.


  1. Refilling – a significant advantage of apps

Have you ever calculated how much profit you lost because of unfinished orders? Apps can encourage users to complete abandoned orders, place new orders, or visit your store. How?


Analyzing the behavioral patterns of the users and reminding them to complete the unfinished actions.

Using geographical location services to invite users to your store when they are nearby.

Considering the search and shopping history of users in your app, provide them with the most appropriate information on discounts and hot deals on the products they are interested in.

Moreover, retargeting is often recognized as a competitive advantage in business.



In recent years, eCommerce has grown dramatically. Given current trends, mobile app development will give online stores a competitive advantage, increased sales and customer loyalty to the brand. Undoubtedly, the future of digital commerce is in the hands of app.

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